Friday, April 18, 2008

Fat-to-Thin Photoshop Makeover

This fat-to-thin Photoshop tutorial was just too good to pass up. The video is aptly named "The Magic of Photoshop." I'm not even going to attempt this one at this time, but it certainly is inspiring.

The magic of Photoshop — YouTube

Now, if only I could find one that shows this process in reverse.


ShamWOW! said...

That's not a tutorial; it's somebody showing off. I need to know how to do this for a friend (don't ask) and don't manipulate my own photos beyond curves adjustments and things like that. So in other words I do not even know what tools to use and that video (this is the fifth place I've seen it on line) is of such poor resolution I learn nothing from it.

Any idea on how to start? I know how to use the program but I've never manipulated images quite like this.


Lady Blacktronika said...

They used the Liquify filter.